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Confira a Letra Look For The Good In Others And They'll See The Good In You

The Chills

Look For The Good In Others And They'll See The Good In You

I used to be in love
But that is long since true
You know we used to be one living thing
But now we're back to two
Oh what was good for a while
Now I know it's good
Look for the good in others
And they'll see the good in you
Fa fa fa faaaaa

I used to look for too much
In the people that we are
You know we use to have a reason
For doing things the way we do
Sorrow was my reward
'Cause I'm unhappy with me too
Now I've learned that I am me
And me is not the same as you
Fa fa fa faaaaa

Last week just for a while
I thought I found someone at last
The woman in my future
Was a child from my past
Oh that was cruel of fate to give me hope
The first time in two years
Now I've learned just who my friends
Are and no one really cares
Fa fa fa faaaaa

Drain away my loving soul
And fill me with despair
Dreams they all seem pointless
And the talent cupboard bare
Through all this there's still one thing
That sometimes sets me free
You know it's good to be an adult
But still believe the child in me
Fa fa fa faaaaa