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Confira a Letra Don't Move

The Church

Don't Move

Holiday for two
beautiful furniture
powdered gun drifting up inside
Cretaceous man become just what I am
Now don't move, don't move

Ooooh don't move

Composed of solid song, we get along
Distance crunching honchos with echo units
Sue me if you want, there's nothing left
Now don't move, don't move

Oooh don't move.

Now mix it up with water like a sacrifice to slaughter
Take off your helment lay down your cable
Pick it up (?) earthshaker, Poseidon heart-breaker
Don't move don't move

Ooooh don't move

No neo-Henrik Ibsen with a prehistoric Gibson
Could begin to do what I have almost done
Now look into the sunset before the final credit
Don't move don't move

The miracles (Americans ?) come falling, the miracles come crawling
I'm scared of something nasty (Do you know what kind of snake ?)
Forget the memories dear, that I was ever here
Don't move don't move