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Confira a Letra My Love, Last Night

The Church

My Love, Last Night

My love, last night was wonderful.
I've never talked to anyone the way I've talked to you.
You teach me so much.
You make me understand things so well.
You make me feel I'm floating on a cloud,
on a star, so light do you make me feel.
Until next time, sorrowful and sick.
I will not sign this letter, in case it is discovered,
you know who I am. You know who I am, my love.

Your skin is so smooth I want to lick it all day long.
Your body makes me hum with pleasure.
Your hair, your breasts, your small hands,
your ears, as delicate as the most delicate of fungi,
your strong thighs, your elbows, your eyes,
your kneecaps, even! I want all of you,
again and again.