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Confira a Letra The View

The Church

The View

Someone fell across me
Regretting their honesty
Shook away the cautious care
Look right though me like I wasn't there

River came to meet me
Relationships can be like water
Deep but shallow, the popular bed
Springs to mind my undetected closure

You'll only scratch the surface
If you bounce around like an adult ball
Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's nice up there
Be a lighthouse, don't block out your view

Whispers in a cream cake
Sweet and quiet again tonight
Could the sun arrest it
Sometimes heavy living should be crushed

Now I search for hours
Rubble kills my finger's looks
I'll only stop when it hurts a lot
My heart is slender
My wooden tambourine is drenched in blues

Resign your answer
If you're the post, then prove you're tall
Oh yeah, oh yeah, we slid around
Polish your window, don't block out your view

Take this daring leap
Wake, you've been asleep
Go attack your life
The paint is peeling, scrape to save what's yours

Don't block out your view
Don't block out your view