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Confira a Letra Let Down Your Guard

The Courteeners

Let Down Your Guard

With your legs a-kimbo
Like a giant V sign
But your heads still buried in the sand

'Cause you're too shit scared to let down your guard

And so the cuffs are clinking
As you're lying on your back wondering what's he thinking
And so you bite the pillow and swallow your pride
Taking this new love stick all in your stride

Let down your guard and hold his hand

And so she builds a barrier between her love
And throws it in a carrier
Like a gravity wheel, she launches it round
She gets tired, she lets go and watches it fall to the ground

Let down your guard and hold his hand

She never got along with commitment
She'll try and ride it out before she's trying to hit them
Where it hurts the most
Oh she puts him down and moves onto the next one

Let down your guard and hold his hand

You're trying to ignore it
You're trying to back-door it again