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Confira a Letra Aha

The Dø


It came up on a day I was having a nap
It came up on a day I was catching the gnats
it was a trap

it came up on a day I was patting the cat
A happy summer day it was simple as that
it was a trap

this time
I fell in your lap
this time
fell into your trap
I was hanging out with the boys
When you kicked me out

It came up on a day I was building with haste
A pretty sandcastle away from the waves
And then the rain poured down

you came up with a smile as I started to cry
I said I was alright
But you told me to cut the crap

this time you caught me alive
I had my head in the clouds
I thought no one could track me down
Til I got shot in the back

A little girl came and took me by the hand
I had no choice as she said she knew the way
A little girl said she wanted me to play
I had no choice or she said we would be late

Ok I wasn't alright
I had my head in the clouds
I was doing nothing at all til you
shook me up