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Confira a Letra Summer Rains

The Ditty Bops

Summer Rains

When the ices melt I admit I felt a lifting in my heart
Every land becomes an island
Everywhere a paradise

Oh my it's so divine
There's no more snow at Christmas time
Just summer rains

So I hung my hat scarf and coat
Put on my birthday suit
Even though it's December
It feels like the month of June

When I get up I get up and go surfing with the girls
They are all from California
Finer than an oyster's pearl

Oh what a place to be
I pluck a mango from a tree
As the summer rains are falling from the sky

When the ices mel I began o sing a joyful melody
And Orchestra of ukuleles strumming in the sweetest key

The tail of a wintery ghost is lost in an islando breeze
I'm paddling into the sunset
Leave behind my memories

Oh it's begun what's been done can't be undone
Once summer reigns
I'm dancing with the sea
Water washing over me
As the summer rains are falling from the sky
Summer rains are falling from the sky