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Confira a Letra She's Out Of Control

The Donnas

She's Out Of Control

She comes knockin' on your front door
She spills her drink all over your floor (woah!)
She is impossible to ignore
Flames keep getting higher
She's on fire

She wants to dance all over the place
She brings her own stash just in case
All dressed up in leather and lace
Flames keep getting higher
She's on fire

You wanna catch her but she'll never slow down, heh!
You wanna find her but she's never around, heh!
You know it drives you crazy, when she says no
When she let's go
She's out of control

She's got a name everybody knows
She gets in everywhere she goes
When she's in town the doors never close
Flames keep getting higher
She's on fire

You'll do anything to see her
You'll never wanna leave her
You know you can't believe her
She's dangerous
But you need her