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Confira a Letra 5 O'clock In The Morning

The Donnas

5 O'clock In The Morning

Tonight I can't wait
Everyone is gonna be there
We'll be a little late but no one really cares
It's a partywhen we start playin'
C'mom baby that's what I'm sayin'

Don't try to stop me Freddy
'Cause tonight's a neverender
Now I'm drinkin' steady
Tell your mom I didn't mean to offend her
And if you can't keep up then you better shut up
'Cause tonight I'm gonna stay out til 5 o'clock in the morning

Well I really like you but I just can't talk right now
Sure I'll sign your shoe since you got backstage somehow

It's time for everyone to get outta here
But I think we'll stick around and finish off the beer
Don't get lazy, it's about to get crazy
Just wait 'til you see what we did with the chandelier

Well there's nothin' to eat but we got a big bottle of liquor
It's little too swear but it always works so much quicker
I get so excited and ready to go
Sweat's gonna pour all through the show