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Confira a Letra Public Domain

The Dopamines

Public Domain

He said that she said that I said that I did
Now I'm dead, oh shit, I fucked up. We fucked up
Then he screams, and she cries
Then he's pleased cause he lied
But then his tongue is tied
But it's ok because he tried
Wither or not it's true, what exactly does that make you?
Whoa oh whoa oh we all are
Whoa oh whoa oh we all are
Whoa oh whoa we're all the same
We're just public domain
Everybody's got a masters degree
In telecommunicationary tactic
With a minor in therapy, a mix when injected produces an asshole
I hope you all choke tangled up in the cords of your switchboard
I hope you choke on your pride when you swallow it whole
And when your life is through nobody will be there to confirm that it's you
I trust that you'll expect the worst from us
I trust that you're exactly like us

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