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Confira a Letra Who's The Boss?

It was a figure of speech, they say you are what you eat.
I haven't eaten in weeks, it's what you're doing to me.
I wasn't falling in love, I was just falling apart.
I would have helped you out from the very start.
It was a false alarm, I'd rather be alone now (how can you be so sure?)
When you've got nothing to give, you've just got nothing to give (I don't believe a word of it.)

We were on, and on, and everything
A perfect pair of misery
A cortisone
A crimson and her king

We were on, and on, and everything (I won't give in)
A perfect pair of misery (I'm not listening)
A cortisone (Don't waste your time)
A crimson and her king (I've already made my mind)