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Confira a Letra Surf City Limits

The Fauves

Surf City Limits

Bare brown skin, bare brown skin
Up on the roof, do it again
I know that i really ought to call you in
But baby i just love your bare brown skin
Australian girl, australian boy
Playing with the sun like it's a toy
But we're gonna get burnt
We're gonna get burnt
A couple of drinks we forget what we learnt

Surf city limits

A radiant glow i think that you know
The secret to long life in speedos
Out on the beach all covered in oil
I'm gonna wrap you up in aluminium foil
Summer summer lovin'
Summer summer lovin
Lovin' lovin' lovin' each other
Falling in love with a holiday speed
An overwhelming all encompassing need
All over each other like lions at a feed
A hedonistic, masochistic primal need

Surf city limits