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Confira a Letra Corpse Disposal For Dummies

The Flaming Tsunamis

Corpse Disposal For Dummies

Corpse Disposal For Dummies :
Gave up what I wanted for what i thought
I needed.Now all i have today,these words to fill the silence.
Try to convince my self all I've lost are bad intentions.
Choke out any chance of the truth come to surface
There's a spot in the basement,gonna need more bricks and mortar.

We carry the dead out of town.
They won't stay in the ground.

We need more bricks

The dead won't stay in the ground.
That's okay we like them around.

Hard work will seal the corpse in; no one
will be the wiser.Stench comes back to
haunt you,gonna need more bricks and mortar.
Ten layers towards salvation,all that's left is dreams forgotten.
As false as red brick walls,as dead as what's behind them.
Oh god, it never stops, gonna need more bricks and mortar.