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Confira a Letra Off My Chest

The Hormonauts

Off My Chest

I got the bus,
No fuss,
It' s all that' s left of what was us,
It ain't bad,
Kinda glad,
It's aquirky kinda bachelor pad!

The future's shinin' bright in the palm of my hand,
Playin' music every night in a rock'n'roll band,
I guess I'm doin' my best to get you off my chest.
Ooh what a chick!
Kinda slick,
Sweet as this guitar lick'
She's back,
Dressed in black,
She' s got f-holes tattooed on her back!

She's got curves just as cute as a double-bass'
You can tell the way she treats me by the smile on my face,
She's doin' her best, to get you off my chest.

I'm doin' my best,
To get you off my chest,
l'm a Nichiren student and a fun-Iovin' guy,
And l'm gonna be like this 'till I die,
I'm gonna wave my blues bye-bye...

Ring ding-a-ding-ding,
In the ring,
Watch out for my right-arm swing'
What I say,
Sieze the day,
I am the greatest like Cassius Clay,

I' d go fifteen rounds with a real heavy-weight,
Just to prove it to the world that I'm really doin' great,
I'm doin' my very best to get you off my chest.

Cassius Print Correct

1. Whenever l' m up against the ropes
Whenever a cloud hides all my hopes
Whenever my adversary
Seems so awfully big and scary

A smile is a frown upside down
So turn that frown upside down
A guy called fats wrote that line
But I'll sing it as if that line were mine

No matter what they say (Hey Hey Hey)
I'm gonna wipe my tears away
No matter what they say
I'm gonna fight like Cassius Clay

2. Whenever my courage starts to melt
I dream of winning the champions belt
I tell my self I am the greatest
Livin' loving heavyweightest
Whenever it seems l've hit the ground
K-O ed in the 15th round
I'll always get back on my feet
I am the greatest I can't be beat!

No matter what they say
I' m gonna wipe my tears away
No matter what they say
You know l' m here to say
No matter what they say
l' m gonna fight like Cassius Clay
No matter what they say
I won't go away