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Confira a Letra Blameless

The Hourglass


Take this pain and turn it around
keep me sane, both feet on the ground
help me see what you've always found
come find me, I'm homeward bound

Here we go
get on with the show
watch me be
what you've always known
prove to me
the ways that you've grown
and above all just remember

You're blameless to me
you know you're blameless to me
you're blameless to me
you'll always be blameless to me

Life's a game you don't always win
just make sure you never give in
break these chains that are binding me down
twist my strings to keep me unwound

Holding me down
and making me blind
breaking my back
to play with my mind
all I need
is a little more time
and I'll help you remember

You're blameless to me
blameless to me
you're blameless to me
can't you see you're blameless to me