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Confira a Letra Division of Decisions

The Hourglass

Division of Decisions

Deep within this dreamlike scene
we border on obscurity
our conscience sells the price between
our dreams and their reality

The picture wanders from the frame
confined around the role you play
the choice is mine we're not the same
it doesn't matter what you say

It can't be me
we know it's not you
so let me ask
just who is who?

The pain we have from our divisions
is the price we pay for our decisions
all that lasts is on condition
of keeping our life within submission

Our hope becomes a promise seen
within this realm of surety
upon arriving in our dreams
we find our lost security

Throughout our life we find our way
until we learn we've gone astray
we know our life won't stay the same
our goal remains to fly away

We all have our demons to battle inside
can't watch our dreams wash away with the tide
standing between all that lies in our mind
is the doubt that appears with no warning or sign

That's the price we pay

Moving forward is a given decision
down the road will be another division
don't turn time around if there's nothing to gain
fence sitting won't keep you from going insane