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Confira a Letra Not My Time

The Hourglass

Not My Time

His wings have been clipped
and yet he can fly
he's too old to try
and too young to die

He's lost in fear's path
and he's far from home
he's found in times past
and he's all alone

Now the price it seals his fate
now his mind reels too late
in a moment his life has changed
all is lost if time can't wait

Don't hold me down
don't break my mind
don't shut the door
I've still got time
don't lock me out
don't cut my line
don't take me now
it's not my time

The pain that he feels
is born in his mind
the hand that he deals
is dealt to the blind

He'll be spent inside
when his time is done
his last thought is gone
his last breath is drawn

Now his mind is torn in two
and there's nothing he can do
all his dreams have bled and died
his tears have long been cried


Now the price it seals his fate
now his mind can't think straight
in a moment his life has changed
there he stands at heaven's gate