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Confira a Letra 38th Floor

The Hourglass

38th Floor

Here I am again
On the 38th floor
The view is good
But my mind is out the door

Staring at a screen all day
There's no further I can sink
Can't help but think
I've somehow flushed my life away

Every day the same
Every meeting a corporate game
I wouldn't be surprised
If my boss doesn't know my name

I don't know myself
I can't stand who I've become
Coerced by fear
Pressure and strain forced my career

Get me out of here
Take me to a place where I can see
Something different
Than what's in front of me
Silence my fear
That I'm not where I should be
That the door that was closed
It was closed by me

If only I had another chance
To go back to the point
Where I was scared to take the risk
So I abandoned what I love

If only I had another shot
To go back where my soul was bought
And sold by a poor decision
My now wouldn't need revision

And every day I get so bored
Nothing seems to change
The doubt about the choice I made
Rings like thunder in the rain

I'm just a grain of sand
On an endless beach
Another face in the crowd
I could have held the playing hand
That took me out of the mundane's reach
And walked the path my dreams allowed

Instead I've got another meeting
Gotta keep the company strong
The boss has asked for overtime
He'll make sure the day drags on

What have I done?
Where have I gone?
Everything and everywhere I knew was wrong
What have I seen?
Where are my dreams?
Nothing and nowhere but a computer screen

Here I am again
On the 38th floor
The view is good
As I'm walking out the door

One choice that cost so much
Made life unrecognizable
But I have another chance
To make my goal realizable

I can't undo what's been done
But I have to try to fix what's wrong
To let my dreams be my guide
They now refuse to be denied
I may not find the way back out
Of the mess I've made but I'm about
To swallow pride 'cause I'm walking out
The time is now to change my life