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Confira a Letra Happy

Him, well he's broken jawed, had enough of making laws
Fueled, but he cannot save, lost the power to touch us all
Getting fixed up on the street, it's easy when you've got no feet
I've lost my point of view
But I'm happy to be with you
So glad I swam through your ocean
Oh thrilled that I found you
But it's not love that brings me down

Shuffle hard, bite the lust, your money's long and lip is fat
Face cracks in the wind but not so bad for Southern white
He loves pain, shot it up, get it on in Salvador
I heard a baby calling out, but it doesn't carry
across the sea
but I'm happy to be with you

Get drunk, get stoned happy eyes are blinkered eyes
Face good, in the crowd, someone else is no one else
Fingers first, when you dig in shit
Soft and warm as a baby's skin
Sleep a while, in a dawn trance
This is the creature so happy to be with you