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Confira a Letra Limb Froom Limb

The Illumination

Limb Froom Limb

I stand where they decide,
From what is wrong and what is right.
Don’t let this love escape you,
They say it never lasts.
Take a deep breath

It’s only a matter of time before
We’ve reached the bottom
I’ve spent too long,
Trying to read between the lines
I’ve spent too long

Wasting my time for something
That was never really mine.
I give and give,
But all you do is take.
I’ve spent too long
Wasting my time for something
That was never really mine

I’ve wasted too much time on
So many people who never gave a shit about me.
The monster you created will tear us all apart.
Limb from limb,
Flesh from bone.
There will be nothing left of them
Nothing left of them

Keep believing people never change.
Steady breathing, I’m better off alone.
I’m better off alone.
I can save myself,
But I can’t say the same for you.
You’ll never shed your old skin.
You’ll always just be the same.
You all deserted me,
Now you know I’ll never forget