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Confira a Letra Running High

The Jimmy Swift Band

Running High

I'm running high
I'm running low on you
I've got to get me a ride
And find my way back home

I remember times of that day
It must have been 5 years or more ago
But so much has happened since then
The way times passed me by
Passed me by
Passed me by

I'm running high
I'm running low on everything
I need to get by
And I am not alone

I remember sunny days
And they wonder why we don't see them more
Instead it pours just like your memory into me
And when it rains, well it pours

And all this pass of time
I'll be casting my past aside
Who I really am

And if our paths collide
I will not step aside
I'm running high
Driving slow
Running low

I'm running low
I'm running high on everything
That I can find to get you off my mind

I remember sitting
Watching sunrises and sunsets between your eyes
To my surprise I look and find it all worthwhile
And I smile and I pray