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Confira a Letra Kiss Me Goodbye

The Jinkies

Kiss Me Goodbye

You made a mistake now you've got to live with it
you made a mistake taken me for granted
you made a mistake now you've got to live with it
come on and kiss me goodbye

It was your decision on that night
that you were untrue to me
and you made me feel guilty
because of what you have not said or done
but mostly what you have done
it's the end never again
I did nothing wrong not gonna fight
i'm just giving up on you
kiss me now and know that we're through

Now you want forgiveness and me to come back to you
but it's just not gonna be like that
I deserve more than I got
it seems to me that you forgot
the eden of our love
don't you get it you can't treat people that way
it doesn't matter what you say

It's the end and now we're moving on
maybe you can learn the weight of what you did wrong
right now i'm gonna stand on my own two feet
and live for me for a change
independence of my heart and mind and soul
it's the end we're moving on