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Confira a Letra Boston Bound

The Kings Of Nuthin'

Boston Bound

Well it's been two weeks I'm waiting for my train to come by
Well I've been waiting two weeks since the day I arrived
Work all day with no time to have fun
Just to pay for a place to stay when all my work is done

And if that train (and if that train)
Rolls into town (goes into town)
Gotta get on board (gotta get on board)
Gotta sit right down (gotta sit right down)
And if that train don't stop and turn around
Lord knows I'm BOSTON bound

Well (?) where the whiskey is free
(?) I know it's for me
City keeps on changing while the feeling stays the same
Those lonely streets (?) all comes back to me


Well I'm standing on my front porch got my bags all packed
Don't sell me no round trip ticket I ain't coming back
Train comes rolling into town at quarter to ten
Just get me back to Boston man don't ever leave again


God knows I'm Boston bound
You know I'm Boston bound