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Confira a Letra Invisible Mask

The Legion Of Hetheria

Invisible Mask

Using a mask of hypocrisy,
I just cannot see
I let you inside my brain,
you abused of me.

Charmed by the warmth of your words,
Fooled by your gentleness,
I fell into the trap
Your twisted mind played with my heart

We are much different but,
I thought opposites attract
But I know it's better this way cuz'
Love's been replaced, rage burns inside

I sank under your sea,
A sea of ecstasy,
So deep I fell for you
Betrayal it's the sad truth

Locked behind a screen of blindness
Refused to believe this lustful deceive
Crying out loud for this truth to become unreal

These wound will never heal
Not even with time, I'm losing my mind
Though I'm full of anger, I shall keep good memories from you

Get out of my head !