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Confira a Letra Wrath Is Unleashed

The Legion Of Hetheria

Wrath Is Unleashed

Our gods are gone,
New ones were born
Just images left,
Faith was stolen

-"the grandness of our kind
Lead us to conquer you,
In order to arise"-

Forged as their will,
Last drops of rain,
Our soul's last tears
Wrath of tlaloc, unleashed.

Then by sunrise, the ancient rites, a sin,
By dawn, a new temple to build
With the shine of the stars,
The future seemed unclear for us

All that once was precious,
Now it's all forbidden,

- "obey, sinners from dark lands
Embrace your decay,
Bury your past"-

All that once was beautiful
Is now turned into ruins

After hundreds of years,
And for more to come,
Wrath of huitzilopochtli is released