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Confira a Letra Spiritual Deceive

The Legion Of Hetheria

Spiritual Deceive

Purity is no longer found
Irrational thoughts
invade my mind

The Hopeless are leaders,
The shameful believers,
Being controlled with our own fears.

The Fool, that is our roll
Embracing all remorse
When mercy is in your heart
Innocence comes back to you

Self Confidence hasn't been found
All we know is faith,
But we're not aware
that what we believe will be gone someday

All secrets of life and death,
once revealed by the one Ea,
hidden from humanity,
using fear as a shield.

The Water of life is getting lost,
running away between the fingers
of mischievous minds

Those who are not rich of soul,
are not meant to be great
those who question the past,
won't be easily forgotten.