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Confira a Letra Proposal

The Lukas Band


That day when we met
First time that i kissed your face
Led us to this place
I can't find the words
To tell you how i feel inside
Only diamonds might

Once i finally know
The days will come and go

Today baby our worlds collide
As the wind it blows
Wind blows in her hair
And i may never see clearly
After the way she looks
The way she looks tonight

Colours seem to fade
I'm lost inside of her blue eyes
Like the blue sky
Right now i could cry
Asking her forever, girl
To share my life

Her hair flows down her neck
And i cant get over the way she smiles
And her face takes me far away
The way she moves i can't escape
And i choose to be with her
Forever i will hold her tight
Oh this time it's for real
Oh this time it's for real