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Confira a Letra The Unforgiven XV

The Milk Fellas

The Unforgiven XV

I tried this, I tried that
And there goes 20 years
My old fans hated it
But the new ones loved it

Okay, who I..m kiddin?
There is no new fans
But there are the ones
who say we suck now
but are still buying our cds!

So it's time to go back!
And do what we did 20 years ago!
It's heavy shit in a black & white casket!
But now I'm using the auto-tune!

20 years passing by
And our reputation is so low
That our bassist left the band
And had more dignity in a reality show

We did a song for "Mission: Impossible"
And we even tried the new metal
(Still metal! It's still metal!)

Well... We are trying to erase the unforgiven
Rick Rubin save our asses
And help as erase the Unforgiven...