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Confira a Letra Slowdown

It feels the older you get
The less you seem to perceive
To make the obvious choice
To find out what you believe

Chased away by your own covered secrets
You stayed behind while I was faced with your demons
Between the darkness I'm able to speak
Yet I can only look the other way

So tell me why you put your life to the test
You keep the cards for yourself and do away with the rest
Think you need to tell me what's becoming a mess
Hope it makes a difference in the end

Well have you ever felt slowdown?
And don't you ever get so damn lonely, hey?
And so you never felt slowdown?
And don't you ever get so damn lonely, hey?

High enough to reach to the ceiling
They all just stood there denying their feelings
Then I grew colder beyond the unknowns
To even learn you didn't seem two-faced

So this is why you're life's all over the place
You wasted too much time fixing up your mistakes
Break the concentration, to study your face
Just never like you spoke, and time is hopelessly waste away

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey (hey hey hey)