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Confira a Letra Fully Aware, Fully Prepared

The Pettit Project

Fully Aware, Fully Prepared

I'm gonna drive myself mad again
my best friend says, "Don't you know you do this all the time?"
he's heard about another crush I'm in
I'm gonna go hook up with her and help fill my ego in
it makes me feel good about me
enjoy it while it lasts, sorry

fully aware that this will go on and on 'til another catches my eye
fully prepared to sell myself short and go (go, go, go)
go with it
fully aware that that this is for all the wrong reasons entirely
but this part's too much fun for me

I've gone and driven myself mad again
her best friend tells me, "she's been hurt too much"
but I never wanted to commit
(well maybe I said I did, but I don't remember it)
it made me feel good about me
enjoyed it while it lasted, sorry


after this good-bye's been said
maybe I'll wish that I were dead
as I walk towards the door
but if there's one thing you should know
as you turn to watch me go
it's that I've said those words before
bring it!

to just let, let it go