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Confira a Letra Katie

girl, where are you tonight?
i see no reason why you aren't here with me,
and i'm stuck here missing you.
the offer's open all night,
and for the rest of my life
i want to be the one who wakes up next to you.

i'll just convince myself that all the other boys
who try to get with you aren't going to matter to you
-- because you're waiting on me.

katie i'm in love with you. girl,
i figured it out.
pack your bags because tonight we're leaving
and we're never coming back.

clear your mind of all doubt.
we'll start our new life
with the stars as our blankets,
and the sand beneath our toes.

and as we stare at the sunrise,
we'll laugh at all our past relationships,
and how we ended up here.
and i'd share this plan with you,
but every time i psych myself to call your house
i realize you don't know i'm alive.

if there's nothing i can say
to make you turn and look my way,
i'll still be in love with you -- katie,
i'm in love with you.

i see you at every show.
i wonder if you'll ever know that i'm in love with you -- katie
i'm in love with you