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Confira a Letra Not Perfect Is Me

The Pettit Project

Not Perfect Is Me

This girl I found
I think I'm down
Turn around
I've searched the grounds and you're the most sound for me

Although I try,
I can't find the reason why
Something in your eyes just makes me lose my mind

And I apologize if I ever try to put you down
Or even try and tell you otherwise
Wise men realize that what we often criticize
Is something in ourselves we secretly despise

The only thing about you that's not perfect,
Not perfect is me

I'll tag along until you're gone
If something goes wrong I'll know that I was the dirty one

Even your flaws are perfectly charming
And perfectly disarming with impeccable timing
"You're not really rhyming"
I'm designing...I'm an idiot

The only thing about you that's not perfect,
Not perfect is me

Perfect isn't perfect enough of a word to capsulize you
Sink or swim, this relationship stays afloat 'til I capsize you

It would almost be relieving
To find your perfect surface peeling
And though it would start my ego healing
It's not the hand that you are dealing