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Confira a Letra Scott and Connor Are Both Dorks

The Pettit Project

Scott and Connor Are Both Dorks

scott: hey connor, you didn't want her so you made up some excuse not to be with her so you could leave her, and re-instate, and start again
by making your new crush a mix-tape...

connor: hey scotty, you got me - i guess i was wrong. why don't you write about your ex? oh wait, that's every song. writing punk rock songs won't get her back - besides i bet your girlfriend likes it when you do that.

chorus: your carpet's always greyer but we're only a room apart. if this fight got any gayer we'd be hanging out at shell park. speculate - condecending like we know each other's quirks, but all we need to know is that we are both dorks.

alison: scott and connor, why bother? point your fingers at yourselves and not each other. lead singers fighting for the limelight when jeff and butchart get the hook-ups every show night