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Confira a Letra Talk Hard

The Pink Spiders

Talk Hard

Radio to Kansas City we're departing Corpus Christi
facing turbulence near San Antonio
I've got a mind to leave these cloudy skies behind
but I just thought that I should call and let you know
cause I don't wanna be close no I don't wanna be in moderation
slower conversations only lead me to believe I'm getting old
just making small talk staring at the sidewalk
we exchange about the weather getting cold
and I don't wanna be close no I don't wanna be close
too old for confrontation too young to let you know
you need to keep your fucking mouth shut
operator this is urgent seems I've used too much detergent
my apartments filled with bubbles to the ceiling
I've found a needle now I'm popping my way out
but just in case I thought it best to share this feeling
it's not about sex it's not about love
everybody's talking shit and I don't want to talk to anyone
in this miscommunication this reputation shows
you need to keep your fucking mouth shut

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