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Confira a Letra The Deal

Honey, tell the boys I'm coming home
I just can't face this alone
Tell the boys their daddy's coming home
How did it ever come to this?
Honey how did it ever come to this?
How'd I get involved in bad business?
How did I get in such a mess?
Honey, tell the boys I'm on my way
Been on the road for nearly seven days
And I just wanna see your pretty face
Been an honest man all of my life
Been an honest worker all of my life
I've been true until that awful night
When I met some trouble out on 105
Honey I've gone and killed a man
Things didn't go as they were planned
'Cause someone put that gun in my hand
Murder wasn't part of the deal
What the hell was I supposed to do?
I pulled the trigger
or my own life was through