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Confira a Letra Big Backyard

The Porkers

Big Backyard

Hello suburbia I'm really gettin' use to ya
It's Sunday and i gotta mow my big backyard
Work through the weekday, Sunday at home I'll stay
Climbin' up the ladder cause I'm workin hard

I got my pool and my patio, my boat and my stereo,
Polish up I gotta go and fix my fence
Then clean the window gotta grease that elbow
Keepin' up with the Jones' leaves me feelin tense

My families proud I've worked real hard
Quarter acre block and a big backyard.

I've got a dog called Bluey the neighbours say he's screwy
But I know he loves me so I love him,
He eats bugs and snails, chases his own tail
When friends come around he wont let them in.

You must try my homebrew, don't you know its good for you,
Down in the shed that's where I brew mine,
It's filled with power tools a couple of old stools
Come on in the beer is fine!

We drink those beers in my backyard, even then I'm workin' hard
Flame up the barbie gotta be just right
My friends and my in-laws sometimes they can be a bore
Two days of the week I don't drink lite
My wife and my family all they do is yell at me
'All you do is work and you work too hard!'
This has got to be the only way I'm sure I heard the TV say
'You've really made it with a big backyard.