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Confira a Letra Chemical Imbalance

The Porkers

Chemical Imbalance

When I met this girl, I thought she was perfect
We were having fun like back in the old days
But something was wrong, something was missing
The simplest thing she started flipping!

What's the problem? I can't tell
One moment she is happy, then she starts to yell
Whatever I do for her, it just ain't right
She leaves me in the darkness, I can't see the light

She's got a Chemical Imbalance
She don't drop no trips, don't light no chalice
She don't do coke, and she don't do speed
She's just trippin' out naturally. Chemical Imbalance

Every day it's just the same
She says she loves me but don't know my name
And if I ever leave her, she don't know what she'll do
Says she'll cut her wrists if I tell her we're through

She's got a split personality