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Confira a Letra The First Night

The Preatures

The First Night

Your girl brings you fruit fresh in a basket
Your girl knows the question she don't ask it
Your girl takes the front seat to be closer
Your girl doesn't take much more to know her

She'll give you the best head of your life
When you see that heavy look in her eyes
Baby like the first night

And she's tired of waiting up for you
'Cause she's got a lot of things to do
Like the minefield she's treading into
Just to get her message through

You gotta know that she's the sensitive kind
And only tenderness can reach her right
Baby like the first night

Well, you don't say to the ocean stop your motion
These waves are irrational
And you don't say to a rosebud no not this month
Rosie you're delusional

Your girl sticks her tongue out in a downpour
Your girl picks herself up off the floor
Your girl by now she knows the score and
She's there waiting at your door

Can you honestly say you're tired
When she's standing there like a bride
Ready for the first night

Love her like the first night
Love her like the first night
Or it'll be the last time