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Confira a Letra I'll Informed

The Rival Mob

I'll Informed

I don't need your brave new ideas.
They fall like rain. So worthless.
But I can't dodge these shit bombs as they drop.

They're smashing down into my head and making my brain so useless.
What the fuck can I do to make it stop?
I'll informed. I'm so ill informed.
Get the fuck away from me.
Crusades to the left and right and they're all fucking pointless.

A thousand mouths that have never learned to speak.
A new makeshift identify of screens, stores, and airwaves. In every fucking conversation that I hear.
I'll informed.
I'm so ill informed.
Get the fuck away from me.
This cancer of the modern age has clouded my mind and twisted my will.
Got to get it the fuck out.
I've got to live MY life.