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Confira a Letra I'm Gonna Love You Anyway

The River Has Many Voices

I'm Gonna Love You Anyway

I started out younger
Yeah just dreaming of
In all my hunger
Yeah just dreaming of love

But I saw it shifting
And how it can break a family up
What it does when its missing
So yeah I gave it up

I said: I will never let love
Break me like that

So I went missing
Yeah I went away
And I wouldn’t listen
When the moon brushed love my way

And now I’m standing here
Thirty years like yesterday
Thinking about you
And the way you make me wanna change

If I should love you
Would I just break in half?

But yeah, I’m gonna love you anyway

I don’t wanna build it
Yeah if it’s just gonna break
And I don’t wanna hurt you
But I don’t wanna feel afraid

I wanna hold it up
Or bury it deep inside
I wanna keep it safe
From the world outside

I wanna know that
It will be alright

Last night I left
Your house at 2 AM
You said: don’t go
I said: no really it’s better if I’m leaving

And as I was driving
I said: is this really how it goes?
Am I really gonna turn and run?
I said: no, no, no: and drove back to your home

I knocked and you smiled and said: hey

Yeah, I’m gonna love you anyway