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Confira a Letra The Changes

You grabbed your book: you grabbed your bag
And went to say your goodbye
You heard your own steps on the wooden floor
And it brought you a little back in time

Yeah: the changes

You try and save what you can save:
The changes
You try and make what you can make:
The changes
You take the things you need to take

You were young and you would always be alive
Every walk home there was a new rock to find
But you can never really ever know
How much you you’re gonna leave behind

Yeah: the changes

You save the things you need to save:
The changes
You save a little of love: a little of pain:
The changes
You hold the things that you can hold:
Change is
You keep the parts they keep you whole
Change is
You save a little to remember by
Change is
You keep a box of letters and time