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Confira a Letra Literary Piano

The Second Sunrise

Literary Piano

The hospital called, they need somebody to replace what they have lost.
I will wait up until night falls, because days should never have to be this dark.
On my own, I am fighting for a reason not to lay down here,
I am always halfway home.
Even weather goes against us, we'd disappear if you would let us.
Pray for something better, Believe in something stronger,
I swear I have the answer.
Give it time.

No way you'd wait too long, time is not promising.
No way you'd wait too long.
No one knows but me.

Send me a sign that no one here will make it out alive.
"We're not afraid to say goodbye."
Save prayers for days that they matter on.
Ideas work better when acted on.
Everything hurts that much worst at the site of the accident.
"I have never been so right."

A world away is pushing boundaries, we are bound to be alone.
...And no one knows but me