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Confira a Letra Pretense Against Our Reception

The Second Sunrise

Pretense Against Our Reception

End this song, "I fear what I reflect..."
Tonight there will not be an ending.
Once letting words slip through not giving thought to anything or what they are meaning to you
You made me, "Save face or save yourself"
Tonight, I recognize myself.
Once left with words of hope, content in holding on to letting go.

And with this, our lesson will be over.
Taught well to fight what can't be ours.
In seeming like we're questioning this ending, gives thought to who we really are...
Open eyes, closed mine to envoke failure
"You can dream awake but it's not the same..."
Once let these words bleed through, for lending me this thought I am weighing it down onto you...

...Sleep not to be awake,
...Breathe only because you have to.
Define your strength and reenforce the doubts you thought you'd once lose.
Just finish what you've started...
Tonight, the world will let me down and understand we are forever...

Can you hear me?
Can you feel the way that distance works?
...I don't need to be awake
I never wanted it to be this way.

Kill the scene, last words lead to forgiving,
Make sense of what can't be retold.
Thank you for everything you left me with when recepetion was bought and sold...
This is ours not to reason why, we bleed together to feel alive...
Do you feel alive?

...Sleep not to be awake,
...Breathe only because you have to...
We were the first and last to leave before we came.
You don't have to...

This is the best I've ever had...
I died a thousand times, all wishing my intentions could survive
Start this again...
This is the end of everything.
You won't... Leave out...
This jealousy is envy.
Don't let this scare you, "You are so contagious..."