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Confira a Letra Turning Tides

The Sidekicks

Turning Tides

You'll realise one day
But then it will be too late
It will be all over
All dead, all gone
Now you're the one who has lost
Your way, I'd say, to-day

Coz it's, the way, it turned out
You played, these games, of doubt

The tide is turning at your back
Consuming everything in sight,
The look in in your eyes was priceless

It's, the way, it turned out
You played, these games, of doubt
Coz now, I am, long gone
The light, just fades, to dark

You had your chance
You had your chance

The water consumes you
Until you're drowned and gone
Your dying words are useless
The ocean bed becomes
Your eternal grave
Your grave!