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Confira a Letra Slight Sting

The Sidekicks

Slight Sting

I feel that reeling backlash from
Letting my guard down and my wits succumb
Slight sting, such a small price
I'm wearing wide grins with
Closer acquaintances tonight
But I have got this front that sets me off

Flaunting all our meanless flaws
I relate to you all, you all
Flaunting all our meanless flaws
I feel as though we're not lost at all

Well there's smoke and fog, there trend is set
But I don't quite feel like moving on yet
We're fakers, fronting faces
Shameless liars for sheer entertainment
And we'll swear we're making a heartfelt statement
But my front is wear off
No more reluctance or skeptic talk

Too aged to cry, just chuckle and scoff
So forgettable I'd rather just let it all give out
We can mean what we say
And shout when aroused