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Confira a Letra Breakfast Counter

The Surviving Kenneallys

Breakfast Counter

I never get tired of being ignored
It was nothing i did until that turned to a story
And i only wanted truth that id found
In my hardened heart when i let you down

I remember sitting down on sidewalks slowed
My heart racing young and my eyesight low
Oh soft, we're late, we were always late
Drowning in the wine and the evening glow

We wrote this down together and you heard me through
I leaned so heavy and we felt so damn new
It was only i never saw how lost id become
In the fall i was broken and numb

I was always leaving and alone i was tried
My boots lost their shine and my face filled with lines
The exposure left open spoiled our focused lies
Oh the winter, she robbed me blind

And I didn’t get to thank you for all that time I spent wasting away
The bottoms of bottles i found finding my way

So if you’re looking for me later on
Though i know you never will
Cause i’m a bastard lost in a grudge match
That i was never gonna win
I’ll be sitting at the breakfast counter
Counting my change for a desperate coffee
And when i leave by the back door
I’ll be leaving alone