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Confira a Letra Darker Times

Some people are a memory
Cold blooded statues with nothing to see
Other walks of life on the road I meet
Never stopped to slow it down
Undressed in a sidelong glance
Scripts that die hungry in the crowded west
Longer than expected but it’s never enough
To hold the diamonds in your crown

Under cover trying hard or fast to slip the corpse
Quick under your carpeted flask
Seven hundred hundred dollars in a suitcase
Just to make your mind clean of the day
Sometimes I try to clear my head
Mark myself lonesome callous and dead
Stop catch fire with a cigarette
You know it’s not nothing to say

And I don’t mind, if you don’t mind
Just don’t pick up the starlit lines
Trying to watch out of both of your eyes
Reaching back into darker times
And I’ll be there caught in the seams

Situation lost in a sit down meal
It’s a hundred degrees of rock bottom in here
Lack of empathy has gone over my head
It’s a cellophane mixup trace
I’ll run if you say run
I’ll go over the plan in my clouded neurons
Say another time and another place
Strike down the fallacies disgraced