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Confira a Letra Holy Ghost

I’ve got a lot if you’ll be true
Sit through hell just to tell it to you
Reprimand your last cigarette
This heart I lost it too
Smear your name all over this town
Forget what you know nothing about
My boots are fastened on like a coffin
I slept through the worst of it

Oh my God are you the most
The bible pages dissolved in the host
Set the record straight if you can
It’s honorable to shoot where you stand
Underneath the last of the shreds
Dignity lies under looser threads
It’s an honest living to till this old land
But not with devil holding your hand

So reach your arms around this holy ghost

So are you alone or did you come with an army
Of thoughtless dreamers here to surround me
The rivers collide in an augmented high
If you’ll just sit quietly for a second
I’ll calm down my breaths I'll slow down my pulse
The ocean it flows through each of us
When I raise up my hand to strike down your idols
Remind me I’m nothing, a sinner, a milestone