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Confira a Letra Hospital White & Sane

The Surviving Kenneallys

Hospital White & Sane

Saw me wake up slowly - dreamt I never knew your name
Would you lie there for me - before I go away
Retrace my self portraits - until I lose my mind
Barely breathing but I ain't closing my eyes
So you know me now but you didn't cross that line

Sometimes I just ain't myself
When I've gone over the edge
I become that sorry fool you wish you never knew or never met
Even the loneliest bars won't hold me even the darkest nights won't do
I tried and I tried but I only left you wishing I'd never come through

I grew up in the suburbs
Hospital white and sane
Did you know my taste did you know my name
Settled down broken saddled up lonely
Saw the iron slowly through the window panes
Sat on the edge of the railway hollow
Looking like hell, feeling like tomorrow
Understanding nothing about what I know
Realizing everything I had was borrowed