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Confira a Letra The Master & Margarita

The Tea Party

The Master & Margarita

So now that your faith's gone who are you going to trust?
Now that your conscience is crawling in the dust
I've been meaning to tell you sister
I've been meaning to tell you all

I'm carved from the chaos and strained by its preprise
And i've introduced myself for centuries
I've been meaning to tell you sister
About the master and margarita
But if you fuel the addiction you suckle its disease

And it drags you down
Drags you down
Please don't turn around

You're broken and battered you've tried with all amain
Weaned by distraction your story stays the same
I've been meaning to tell you sister
About the master and margarita
But walking through raindrops it fuels its own disdain

And it drags me down
(all you needed was an open invitation)
It drags me down
(you said yourself you said you craved the complications)
You drag me down
(you know the one who made you make the dedication)
It drags me down
(you sell yourself you sell your soul)
Please don't turn around